Very Here’s Why Koreans Lack Beard – Myths Busted!

Very Here’s Why Koreans Lack Beard – Myths Busted!

All of us have pondered will eventually if or not Koreans can be develop a beard or otherwise not. You should never it grow a beard anyway? Is as to the reasons Koreans don’t have a beard.


If or not you watch K-crisis, K-pop otherwise think about the famous BTS, you may have usually questioned as to why Korean males don’t possess a mustache? Do not they grow a beard at all? Or perhaps is it the preference to not ever care for you to definitely? In the event that Korean males can grow a beard, next can it be element of Korean culture not to build good mustache? On this page, we’ll respond to any issues.

Can Koreans Actually Build Facial hair?

Sure, Koreans is build facial hair like other men across the globe. But not, looks locks and its particular growth are very different notably certainly human beings.

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